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Due to the unprecedented success of the Zeno Retta Massive model this set gets a separate mention. The Retta Massive comes in two variants, the Retta Massive Faςade (equipped with 3 panels, and suitable to be placed against a wall) and Retta Massive enclosed by four cabinet panels (also known as free-standing arrangement or Divider). Both versions are equipped with the Retta Solitary and outdoor fireplace.

Zeno Retta outdoor fireplace is an outdoor fireplace with an extra wide opening of 90 centimeters and 30 centimeters high. In addition to a great wide fire can also be selected to barbecue with Zeno Grill and simultaneously light a fire. Placement of the front (and thus the height of the fire) is to be determined by yourself. Through this choice, you can place the opening at table height or altitude for example Lounge. Fantastic to combine with Zeno Garden Divider 100mm.

Of course, the Zeno Retta is made of Corten steel. The untreated Corten steel has an orange brown to aubergine color. The oxidation layer (rust) protects the underlying material.

Untreated orange brown to eggplant. Zeno Retta Massive is available in all RAL colors.

The sizes (in cm) are: <298 (H) x 125-145 (W) x 50 (D) (Broad Front)
The sizes (in cm) are: <298 (H) x 106-145 (W) x 50 (D) (Narrow front)
(These dimensions are possible from one plate. If you want other dimensions, we will make a proposal.)

The chimney can be extended upon request with a roof duct so that the fire can be placed under a roof or porch. Flue is available. The front is also available in glass bead blasted or brushed stainless steel. Also available with propane / natural gas block or bioethanol burner.

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